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shut your mouth quesadilla

November 12, 2008

ding * ding * ding * we have a winner!  last night i decided to take my remaining seitan and cut it into bits, marinate in jalapeno juice, cumin, papricka and salt. i sauteed it in a bit of olive oil.  i grated my so-so vegan cheese and seasoned it prior to use.  not only did it melt but it tasted significantly better.  lastly, i added salsa, paired my dilla with a veggie side and i was a happy happy camper.  seitan just may be my vegan protein friend.  i will have to try and make it from scratch this weekend now that i know what to expect.

it occurred to me while preparing my meal that i don’t really know what the hell seitan is in a practical, normal world i grew up in sense.  i mean, sure, i was satisfied to learn that it was high protein, low carb, all natural earthy meat free love, but that was a reason in its favor not so much information for me.  i know i’ve heard that wheat gluten is an allergin for some, and quite a problematic one from what i understand in your typical diet – but i still could not name from my brain any exact food item that contained wheat gluten.  so i google.  wheat gluten is apparently in a fuck load of a lot of things, including: baking powder, bread crumbs, broth, brown rice syrup, cakes, cereal, cookies, croutons, candies, texturized vegetable protein (tvp), beer, flavored coffees and teas, stuffing, sauces,  processed or deli meat, licorice, malts, marinades, milk shakes, pastas, soups, soy sauce, cosmetics and hygiene products, vitamins, malt vinegar, play-doh, and taaaaa-daaaaa tofurky, HA! 

man, what a terrible allergy to have.  the shit is in everything.  i sure have learned something this week.

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