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random weekly rambling

October 30, 2008

this week i discovered Google Reader.  this, my friend, has got to be world’s best way to leer obsessively at oodles of blogs from the comforts of one page.  wowzahs!  GR, you’ve shown me how to capitalize on sitting my lazy ass in my desk chair for hours upon hours and peruse nearly 300 blogs, know the exact minute a new entry posts (because it comes up like email) without having to actually click my mouse to the originating site or remember which blogs i like to watch.  300 blogs?  yes, i know, i’ve reached new heights at wasting time.  what can i say?  i love me some blog time.  ok, while that is in fact true, i am a voyeur of grandiose proportion, i’m not that much of a techy internet kook.  hell, i don’t even know how to back up, much less keep track my favorites with any effciency. 

the truth is, somewhere along the way in my quest to waste more time on the clock, i came along blogs referencing Vegan MoFo.  MoFo?  that sounds like something i would like, tell me more.  turns out it’s a gorgeous thing called Vegan Month of Food, where Vegan bloggers all around are challenged to post recipes, pictures, and little tid bits of info about Veganism nonstop for a month.  one of such Vegan MoFos set up the Google Reader linking all 286 (?) Vegan blog entries to this one source… which is how i happened upon all of this juicy goodness.  Post Punk Kitchen forums hooked a sister up!  there are some pretty dreamy cooking ideas on those blogs.  and, no, i haven’t read them all yet.

so i have spent my week recovering from a cold, catching up on much procrastinated work (sans shanky comment here), avoiding all news media 100% (although i think i will watch the dvr’d Obama-mercial; and i should except E! news and people magazine b/c those guys are not axed from the list of appropriate viewing pleasures), dreaming of getting closer to Vegan once i hit a like minded community in Portland.  otherwise, i have started 4 blogs but finished none.  i think once i started reading a sampling of posts of 300 blogs, i started to think my blog is pretty suckass, and having a cold didn’t help inspire much coherent thought… so, be warned, once you start tuning in to a bushel of blogs, there is risk that you could begin to feel insecure about your own.  but actually, i don’t think my blog is suckass, but the topics as of late haven’t been thrilling me either.  we are all entitled to a bit of rut in a tanking economy, right?  so long as we don’t stay in said rut, i think a little rutty putty is just fine.  so there, rut ending this week.  it’s possible i will have articulate thoughts soon, but then again, i’m me, so it’s possible i won’t either.  fair enough.

ooh, and my poor sweet, lovely roomie will soon be guinea pig to my very first try at seitan cutlets, or some variation of this chick pea inspired meat alternative.  hahahahahaha.  i’m so glad she loves me.


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