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May 15, 2008

at this very moment i feel great.  GREAT.  so i figured i’d capitalize on the moment and write about a good feeling for a welcomed change. 

my gf was right… getting temporary access to the gym next door to my office until i can return to yoga is a good plan.  the second she mentioned the idea to me i scuffed it off under the “i hate the gym” impulse.  then my legs started cramping up.  i learned i could get a commitment free monthly gym pass for $25/mo, cancel anytime.  cool.  change of heart.  i signed up last week planning to fit it in during my lunch breaks provided i’m feeling up to it.

today was my first gym workout and i really enjoyed it.  i spent 45 minutes walking on the treadmill.  i listened to some old favorite songs on the new ipod NB gave me.  i focused on taking some good cleansing breaths.  after my walk, i went to the stretching area and did some sun salutations (sans downward dog), and took a few breaths in warrior 1 & 2, triangle, and reverse warrior poses.   it felt awesome.  i was very careful.  i don’t think i overdid it.

oh, and last night i was tired enough to actually get some sleep.  i drugged myself up pretty good before heading to bed but it sure felt good to wake up this morning almost feeling rested.  i was so happy to reach out and snuggle a bit with NB before getting out of bed.

i feel happy.

p.s.  my newest weird thing is that i’ve started to *crave* tofu.  i have favorite restaurants where i like to go get the most tasty tofu.  last time i weighed in, i had lost another 3 lbs – making a total loss so far of 18 lbs.  i’m gearing up my nerves for another weigh in this weekend… but i’ve been eating a lot of chocolate this week so i’m a little scared  😉

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