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April 4, 2008

last night i began my art class.  the instructor is this crazy quirky art guy… he’s fucking hysterical.  there are about 8 people in the class, most of which are beginners.  i sat down next to a really nice woman, who shared in the giggles with me throughout the class.  we worked on some preliminary techniques.  i had tons of fun.  i can’t wait to go back next week.

on another note, i went to yoga at the fart studio this week.  they have removed the sticky words from the wall.  i’m honestly relieved.  staring at the word fart during class… made me want to fart.  then i had to try not to fart.  then i couldn’t tell if i really had to fart or if i just couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of farting.  it was an uncomfortable struggle.  thankfully, i never let out a fart, nor smelled someone else’s fartlet during class.  and i’m thrilled to report that without the word “fart” on the wall, not once did i wonder whether i would fart during class. 

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