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March 19, 2008

last night i went to my favorite yoga teacher’s yoga studio for the first time.*  it’s a nice space and i really enjoyed the class.  on one of the walls in the studio there are words written in those sticky letters, where you buy the sheets of alphabet stickers and create your own words.  some of the words were “warrior,” “creative,” “breathe,” “gratitude,”  “healthy,” “christ,” “fertile,”… and the one i could not stop looking at during class, “fart.”  it was spelled out vertically and the “F” was tilted on it’s side so it sort of looked like “ART” with a tilted “F” hat.  i was curious about whether it was supposed to read “art” fitting in with the word “creative.”  or maybe it is “fart” and it’s supposed to be funny – which with my 4 y.o. sense of humor re: fart jokes, i found to be pretty hilarious.  surely you do too.  good quirky studio.  i’m really excited about taking more of her classes.

i’ve been thinking about ways to explore my creativity more.  ever since taking creative writing classes last month i have felt inspired to bring a creative outlet to my life.  this would be another example of how yoga has changed my world.  i have searched the internet high and low for creative writing groups in this area to no avail.  i find this pretty unbelievable, as i was somehow under the impression it would be easy to find a group here.  i want to pursue creative writing but it seems i will have to do so on my own initiative.  fair enough.  but i’d like to get out there with other creative minds, to share in inspiration and energies.  it’s so exhilerating to me. 

i have decided on 2 things:  1) i joined the art league and registered for a mixed media class.  classes are held on thursday evenings and start in 2 weeks.  i’m so freaking excited!!!!  my grandfather was an artist, which has always felt inspiring to me.  2) i’m going to learn to play the acoustic guitar.  i’ve thought about this for several years and i’m finally inspired to take it on.  i can’t wait to jam w/ sam.  it’s already got a good ring.


*she teaches one class at week at the studio where i have been going since last fall.

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  1. personalinsight permalink
    March 19, 2008 2:35 pm

    LMFAO!!! I sure hope it says, “Fart.” That would be absolutely priceless and hilarious. I don’t care who you are, fart jokes are funny. On the other topics of your blog, I’m very happy for you that you are exploring your creative side and listening to what your mind and body want to do. I sure hope that you enjoy your new class on Thursdays (if you decide to do that) and that you find a wonderful creative outlet. You’ve inspired me to do so many things with myself and I am thankful for that.

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