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got gear

February 11, 2008

i spent this weekend trying to get organized for my trip – 6 days until i leave!!!  i think the reality of it is finally sinking in.  i can’t believe i’m going on a 10 day vacation.  i can’t believe i leave saturday.

if you know me at all, you know that planning and organizing aren’t my forte.  i usually pack 20 minutes  before i leave for a trip.  i don’t worry about forgetting things.  i often leave without my itinerary.  on more than one occasion, i’ve landed at my destination and realized i haven’t a clue about where i’m staying or how to get there.  i’m not a details girl and i’m a lax traveler.  so far it’s worked out alright.

saturday morning i woke up with the gumption to get ready for my trip.  i’ve got a busy week planned, so i needed to utilize this past weekend to get ready to leave town early saturday morning.  hmm… maybe it’s a sign i’m getting old when planning sounds like a good idea.  or maybe it’s just been a while since i’ve vacationed alone.  i gotta give it to davey for always taking care of the planning and managing the details of all our excursions.  that’s a good quality in a partner for me.  anyways, after pilates class, i decided to go to my favorite coffee shop and make some lists.  then i ran all over town collecting items i need to take on my trip.  it was actually a lot of fun. 

i’ve been thinking a lot about yoga clothes lately.  i think it’s because my favorite yoga teacher always looks so feminine and beautiful in her yoga clothes.  i want to be feminine and beautiful too, especially with my new beautiful toned curves, and also so that i feel comfortable flirting with brandon next time i see him*.  i’ve also been wondering how the heck i’m going to have enough yoga clothes to do 4 hours of yoga a day for 8 days in a row on my trip.  i know i’m going to be hand washing some items, but i still only had a couple pair of yoga pants.  that’s enough reasons to convince me it’s time to go shopping.   i’ve been looking online but i decided i really needed to touch the items before i commit to buying them.  i’ve gotten kind of picky about the materials i wear for yoga and pilates.  

yesterday, this girl walked into yoga class with a beautiful (and yoga practical) outfit on.  i asked her where she shopped, and she directed me to this fabulous store Lululemon Athletica.  i visited the shop yesterday afternoon.  OMG!  they have the best stuff!  they have an enormous range of styles, cuts, colors, patterns, materials, ranges of coverage.  there was even an assortment of choices that are large chest friendly, how incredible!  i bought 3 new yoga tops and 2 pair of organic cotton yoga pants.  i’m so excited to take them to guatemala! 

the last item on my list is another bit of indulgement, but i can justify it as necessary for my trip – well, if not necessary, certainly appropriate.  saturday night i learned that crocs makes a style of mary janes!  i’m going to have to find some time this week to go into the city and pick up some of these bad boys.

* i lamed out last thursday.  i decided to take 6 pm pilates class last thursday rather than attend the 7 ashtanga yoga class b/c my gf had asked me to meet her for drinks that night.  she was having a stressful day, and meeting her out sounded like fun to me.  plus, the flamboyant pilates instructor has been subbing in as the ashtanga instructor and, while he’s a fantastic pilates instructor, he’s a bit much for the yoga class.  as i’m leaving pilates, i nearly collide with brandon the yoga god.  damn!  he’s SO FINE!  i totally shied away.  he was looking at me and smiling.  i’m pretty sure he wanted to speak to me.  i had yoga retreat fresh in my mind as the conversation starter.  i also thought to ask him whether he’d be the regular ashtanga teacher now.  but i got super shy.  i gave him a quick smile and walked by him.  didn’t take my chance again!  is it any wonder why i’m single?  ugh.  i have decided that if i am confident in my beautiful, flattering, feminine yoga clothes, there’s zero reason to shy away from talking to the yoga god next time our paths cross.  it’s the little things… i like to look pretty.

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