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February 11, 2008

duh.  i hit myself on the head saturday night when it was so obviously pointed out to me.  i am a month into my new lifestyle, and for the past month i have been in detox.  duh.

recap:  for the past month, i’ve been moody, bitchy, anxious, cranky, restless, confined, grumpy, agitated, annoyed, and overall pretty uncomfortable a lot of days.  this combination, mixed with the regular job, relationship, and anniversary stress, has been overwhelming some days.  DUH!  i don’t know why i wasn’t expecting all that.  i’m pretty sure the skinny bitches warned me — i should reread their book.  i think i’ll take it with me to guatemala. 

for the past month, i’ve also felt great on the inside!  my body chemistry is completely different.  i’ve eaten tons of healthy foods (and a lot fewer unhealthy ones), had zero headaches, had zero stomach aches (with the exception of when i’ve consumed difficult to avoid dairy fats and that’s been B-A-D on the tummy), had to shop for smaller clothes, exercised a lot, really loved the way my body looks, read a ton of books, and learned a shitload more about nutrition and the earth. 

it hasn’t been bad, it’s been detox.  duh.  and i am starting to feel better now.  it’s going to level off, whew!

not to get all high on my detox soapbox, i’m just really interested in all this vegan stuff i’m learning for the first time, so i want to share a couple of my surprises… here are a couple factoids from an email newsletter i received today about being vegan and its effect on green house gases, another meat eating thing i never considered before this experiment.   it starts w/ a link to this recent NY Times article about meat, written by a meat eater.  how about this little tidbit:  “you could exchange your ‘regular’ car for a hybrid Toyota Prius and, by doing so, prevent about 1 ton of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year, but (…) being vegan is more effective in the fight against global warming; a vegan prevents approximately 1.5 fewer tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year than a meat-eater.”  how interesting.

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