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billy badass

February 4, 2008

that’s what i used to call davey when we rode our bikes together in training for the big ride.  he used to get so competitive with me the minute we saddled up.  it wasn’t enough to say, “yes, billy, you ride faster than me and farther than me.  yes, you are stronger than me.  i will never be better than you, nor am i trying.”  he always had to put us through this tug of war of him riding crazy fast and leaving me in the dust, huffing it out.  then he would complain about not getting a good enough work out if he rode at my pace.  that arrogant fucker.  it was a struggle to have a mutually enjoyable bike ride with him.  something i do not miss.  but i should admit we had a strong ride on race days and that was fun. 

i put 55 miles on my bike this weekend.  i also ate nonstop from the minute i got off my bike saturday until the time i went to bed last night.  i ate and ate and ate and ate some more.  i think i probably consumed 8000 calories over the past 2 days.  i feel way full today.  kind of grossly full today.  i’m also sluggish.  yea for pilates tonight.

saturday morning i begrudgingly turned the alarm off and got out of bed at 6 a.m.  i loaded up my bike and drove out to the team training ride by myself.  i’m glad i met some of my teammates.  a few of them seem like they will be fun to drink beers with at the halfway point overnight camp-out.  everyone was really nice but several of the riders made me nervous.  i just knew the chick in front of me, who kept cranking her head all the way around to look behind her every few seconds, was going to unexpectedly hit a rock and go crashing down, taking me with her.  she wouldn’t let me around her either, kept speeding up every time i tried to take the spot in front of her.  fortunately i was able to get around her when we stopped for a break.  i couldn’t believe the team stopped for breakfast tacos after riding a mere 7 miles!  i just wanted to ride.  i’d gotten myself up at 6 a.m. and driven outside of town for goodness sake, let’s open it up and ride!  at the break point, i stopped nearby 3 athletic looking dudes, hoping they knew the roads and shared a similar mindset.  they did!  and they agreed to let me tag along, whew!  my ride changed significantly as i fought to keep up with the slowest guy.  i put in the work i was hoping to get and it felt good. 

i spent some time chatting with the slowest guy, since we were keeping the same pace.  he explained he was single, and asked about my status.  hmm.  we talked about skiing and yoga.  turns out we had a number of interests in common.  we got back to the park, and before i had a chance to get out of my gear and tell the dudes thanks for the ride, he was gone.  gone.  nick, why did you take off w/o giving me the chance to slip you my card?  you seemed to be in to me.  why did you leave?  come back, nick.  let’s go for a ride…  sigh… no game.  btw, nick does not work for my company nor is he riding the race, he was out there with a friend who is on my team.

sunday morning i forced my butt back onto the bike.  man, my tailbones were tender.  i struggled to find a comfortable day 2 seat in the saddle.  this ride was the 30 mile inner city spin.  my buddy rode over to my place and we took off from there.  we rode all through the city on a route planned out by one of the local bike shops.  it was an incredible ride.  my buddy rides 45 miles regularly like it’s nothing.  he rides year round with the bike couriers so he’s always in top riding shape.  he was so patient with me.  he never complained about my pace.  he never acted frustrated with me if he was.  he seemed to enjoy the ride as much as i did.  good riding buddy!

turns out yoga and cycling are great in tandem.  i could certainly tell my core was in better shape for riding than it’s ever been.  my legs were also strong.  the only bit of soreness i’ve got is in my trapezius muscles at the top of my back, bottom of my neck.  i know i clinched up when i was trying to keep up with the boys saturday.  surprisingly, my legs are fine. 

cycling brings me great memories of spring time in hometown.  i think the years i’ve ridden have been some of my best times in hometown.  this bike race is one of few things i truly love about hometown.  i’m excited to be back on the bike.  i’m excited to be back in and around the bike culture.  i’m excited to be doing it on my own volition.  i’m looking forward to spring time adventure.  i can’t wait to do 2 more rides this coming weekend!

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  1. personalinsight permalink
    February 4, 2008 7:20 pm

    I think it’s so wonderful that you’re riding again and enjoying it so much. You seem to love it more this year than you have in the past. I think it’s awesome!!! (I’m hoping Nick will be there next weekend)

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