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tofu surprise

January 31, 2008

i’ve conquered two unexpected little wonders this week. 

last night i had dinner at this great little vietnamese place i’ve heard people raving about for years but i’ve never gone to.   i put on a confident face and ordered the tofu and broccoli vermechelli bowl, cautiously considering how to control the gag reflex ordinarily spawned by the texture of chewing tofu cubes.  i…..was…..worried.  much to my surprise, i thoroughly enjoyed it.  not one gag!  in fact, i was digging around the bowl looking for more delicious chunks of tofu delight.  this is progress people.

second is this: 


yep, my head sat gently on the floor when i bent over and turned my hip socket enough times to get myself there.  the first time i tried this antagonizing pose, i was at least 8 inches away from the floor, laughing at the idea my head would ever reach the earth.  this week, we made contact.  it’s an incredible experience to feel it all line up and pop into place completely unexpectedly.  i never understood the feeling as it was described to me until it happened.  the first time was a couple of weeks ago when i managed to get myself positioned into headstand. 


i can’t maintain the posture with my legs fully extended yet, but they are close.  maybe next class.  each time i’m amazed the headstand does not hurt the head.   

progress.   feels good.

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  1. personalinsight permalink
    February 1, 2008 10:28 pm

    love the new blog set up!!!
    Those poses you do in yoga are just crazy to me. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. I’m going to have to see those news moves next time we get together.

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