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January 30, 2008

i am about to start training again for the annual 2 day 186 mile bike ride for charity.  at lunch today i went and bought the remaining items of cycling gear i need to start riding with my team.  no more excuses for me to avoid the training rides.   now i’ve got everything i need.  i’m so excited!  i’m even thinking of making a riding date for friday night after work. 

last year i was totally bummed to miss the race.  i was sad as all the thousands of riders left hometown together that weekend.  i wanted to jump on my bike and pedal until my legs gave way… at about mile 15. 

my first 2 rides were such incredible and different experiences.  this year will follow suit.  i’ve ridden with different teams each year.  i’ve trained with different riders.  the entire ride train-to-finish-line involves making new friends, reconnecting with old forgotten friends, being amazed by other riders, staring at biker butts, laughing at my shortcomings, sharing tears, encouragement and sweat, and pushing my body to the max — well, at least that’s how i do it.  there’s something about being on a bicycle for two days with nothing to do but pedal, fuel, take in the scenery, resist the urge to complain, and think about life, that brings me a sense of clarity. 

i can’t wait to go on my first training ride.  i hope i don’t get stuck in my clips and eat shit when i stop… too many times.  i hope i consume enough calories.  i hope i stay hydrated.  this year i will be in charge of all that myself, kind of like year 1.  year 1 rocked and so will year 3.

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