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size 6

January 29, 2008

my ass fits into a size 6 again.  holy shit!  after a dreadfully long and exasperating day of shopping saturday (i fucking HATE shopping!), i came home with 4 new pair of slacks that fit, in a size 6 (and 3 pair of fabulous new shoes).  i had written off size 6 for me.  it’s been 7 years since my ass fit into it, i figured my hips had matured 😉 foreclosing the opportunity for my ass to fit into a size 6 again.  LMFAO!  man, i really can convince myself of anything, can’t i? 

sitting in my sweet ass size 6’s today, i am eternally grateful the my body has embraced this new yoga veghead lifestyle.  2.5 weeks into this new diet, i have realized just how much i don’t miss the animal fat.  eating out has become easier.  i don’t have food envy, but reading Slaughterhouse has helped with that, i’m sure.  i am thoroughly enjoying my grocery shopping adventures.  i get excited about all the healthy goodness in my shopping cart.  today i shopped in the forecasted budget + $4!  pretty good for shopping trip #2.  i don’t think i’ve pissed anyone off with my food choices.  i even survived the midwest last week, although i am certain i consumed some unavoidable dairy while i was there.  i’m not being a freak, it wasn’t the end of the world.

17 days until i leave for guatemala.  man, i’m excited!  i found a room in antigua for the 2 nights following my stay.  i ordered a new yoga towel.  i ordered a travel book.  i’m going to buy some new yoga clothes during one of my lunch hours.  i bought new sunglasses.  ooh, that reminds me that i need to order journals, i’ll do that now.  i’m almost all set!  can’t freakin wait!!!!

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