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January 17, 2008

those Skinny Bitches were right about this:

Larabar – by far my favorite new food at Day 5.  they cost about $1-$1.50 and carry around 150 calories.  this delicious convenient little fruit snack gets me excited.  tuesday i had lemon bar and today i had cherry pie.  mmm.

yep, it’s Day 5 of my experiment.  i tried getting started last friday but failed first thing friday morning with dairy coffee creamer.  i am now armed with soy creamer, at home and work.  i messed it up again friday night with fish* tacos.  i did not think my tacos would come with cheese and some other unidentified creamy goodness (possibly sour cream) inside.  saturday i did pretty good.  i did fine with mexican food at lunch.  even though there was only one item on the menu i would choose to order, it was delicious and oh so satisfying.  i’d certainly go back for more.   my soy chorizo and soy breakfast sausage vegan chili rocked the house.  but i fell short when the nestle toll house chocolate chip cookie cake called out my name.   i’m learning the lessons and not faulting myself for my pitfalls… remember, yesterday i confirmed i am imperfect.   

i am happy to report i have successfully completed 4.5 days of the pescatarian lifestyle.  some things i’m noticing: 

1)  my insides feel fucking great!  i haven’t felt unreasonably hungry or too full all week.  i haven’t felt bloated.  i haven’t felt weighed down. 

2)  monday i woke up with a cold and today it is gone.  this is a far cry from the 14 day cold i had last fall.  i’d like to think my healthy diet has played a part. 

3)  my skin looks great.  this is likely in part due to the facial i got saturday, but i’m also going to give some credit to the foods. 

4)  i am obsessed with grapefruit.  i love hummus.  the hummus and green bell pepper sandwiches i’ve had this week for lunch have been outstanding. 

5)  the sugars are an adjustment for me.  i have started drinking 8 oz of calcium fortified orange juice daily, per Skinny Bitch recommendation.  it’s yummy delicious, and full of sugar i’m not used to.  i had a bit of a mood crash yesterday, which i am considering today** may have been in part because of my abnormal sugar intake of this new lifestyle. 

6)  grocery shopping is brand new to me.  as is ordering off of a menu.  it’s a fun challenge for me.  i am taking pleasure in choosing good foods.  i haven’t felt deprived yet.

7)  the taste of soy milk does not bother me like it used to.  i remember back in law school when my friend motivated me to try a soy latte from starbucks and i could barely get it down.  this week, the taste of soy has not bothered me a bit.  i even had soy milk in my cereal*** last night and drank the leftover milk from my bowl.  i thought i was going to have to force it down for the protein, but instead it was yum.

8)  i am suddenly drawn to asian foods, OMG!  if you want someone to go eat thai, chinese,  vietnamese, indian or sushi with, please give me a call. 


* after much consideration, i find it is in the best interests of my health to keep fish.  i have decided dairy must go though.  overall, i think keeping fish will help me acheive my goals of ridding my diet of other meats and dairy.  we’ll see.

** i have received the books i couldn’t find at the library last week and instead ordered off of amazon.  at lunch today i started ready, Breaking the Food Seduction by Neal Barnard, M.D.

*** lifestyle friendly go-to convenience meals are a must have for my pantry.  i hope to get into the habit of actually cooking more but it’s flat out not going to happen every single day.  i tried an amy’s nondairy vegan vegetable pot pie on monday night.  i am still getting used to eating chunks of tofu but overall it was a good meal.

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