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veg excitement

January 9, 2008

it’s all about the little things, right?  here are a few little things i’m looking forward to about becoming a vegetarian:

1 – doing all my grocery shopping at the health food store.  i secretly love to shop for groceries and i really love this grocery store.  it’s clean and the foods always look so beautiful.  it’s going to be an exciting adventure each week ;-).  the organic section at kroger is just flat out depressing (uninspiring, oppressive).  i look forward to whole foods becoming my go-to store.  the bonus… it’s usually packed with gorgeous men!

2 – whole grains.  mmm… bread, muffins, pasta.  and your cousins, corn and potatoes.  i’ve missed you all.  i’ll admit it, i bought into the high protein, low carb idea my trainer ingrained (haha) in me while i was working out with her.  and truthfully, the diet she had me on worked, but i do understand it’s not the healthiest plan.  i walk away from that diet with an understanding of good carbs vs bad carbs, which i’ll definitely need if i plan to be a healthy vegetarian.  i look forward to the day i don’t feel guilty about having whole wheat pasta with dinner, or a whole wheat muffin with breakfast.  OMG, maybe i’ll even have a sandwich.  after doing the low carb thing for a year, it’s an upgrade in my whacked out head to be able to work reasonable amounts of carbs back into the plan in exchange for losing the meats.  and my protein will come not only from soy but from yummy delicious whole grains?  really?!?  mmm…

3 – regular use of my food processor.  let’s face it, all that chopping is a lazy woman’s nightmare when she’s hungry.  last night i grappled with cooking dinner or opening up a can of (chemical laden) soup.  i opted for chopping up onion, garlic and zucchini in my gorgeous red food processor (that i love and never use) and throwing it into spaghetti sauce, served over whole wheat pasta.  it took less than 15 minutes to prepare the entire meal.  it was a slice of heaven, and i got to use my nifty neglected appliance *bonus*.

lil funny, i am learning i have no idea how to spell these vegetarian words, lol.  maybe i’ll even learn how to spell the names of different vegetables too.

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