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skinny bitch

January 8, 2008

before i go into my book review, i have to fill you in on my weekend.  i’m recently back from the most kickass trip to vegas to celebrate a girlfriend’s 30th birthday.  let me just say – VEGAS ROCKED THE HOUSE!  i am so refreshed from this powerful weekend of girlfriends, spa and booty shakin til dawn.  damn that was a kickass trip!  thanks so much, ladies!!!!!! 

one of the vegas ladies reminded me of a book i had wanted to read a while back.  i bought Skinny Bitch after checking in for my flight home.  i spent what felt like a zillion hours at the airport sunday waiting to board my very delayed flight, so i was able to read that bitch cover to cover.  i laughed, i cried, i gagged and i cringed.  it’s definitely not a good read for anyone who ever wants to eat meat again.  i will spare you the details.  a surprise to me, this book is not a diet book.  it is actually a book that makes a good case for going vegetarian or vegan.  it makes good sense.

funny though, while i was sitting and reading it there was a guy a few chairs down from me with this really heinous murky cough.  i noticed it as i was reading about slaughterhouses, totally freaking out.  he wasn’t covering his mouth.  he was hacking over and over and i could feel the gross entering my nasal cavity (or so it seemed).  i got so freaked!  i jumped up and walked around the airport until i could find a spot i considered less overtly germy, and i laughed at myself for doing so.

i’m going vegetarian and possibly vegan.  i don’t know whether i can do this but i must try.  i’m so inspired by life lately, i feel like maybe it’s possible.  i know if i can do it, my body will reap great benefits.  i’m quite surprised by this decision.  3 months ago i would never have believed i would be deciding to go vegetarian.  never.  it’s a culmination of things, which started a year ago, that have brought me to this decision:  first, my body feels so good with all of the dietary changes i made last year (good carbs, good proteins, etc.).  second, the yoga has completely reworked my appetite and cravings.  i feel differently about food – what i want to eat, how i feel after eating it, how i feel after i’ve given in and eaten too much or too unhealthy, etc.  third, i have never thought about the processing of meat.  gagging again as i type and remember what i’ve read.  gross.   fourth, everything those skinny bitches write coincides with my anti-america conspiracy theories.  fifth, there are some interesting perspectives in the book that fit with the buddhism stuff i read right after mexico, which at that time i scuffed off as too kooky to be believable.  now i believe.   sixth, i can’t remember a time in my life where i have consistently felt so far away from needing the meds.  i am really falling for this eastern school of thought / alternative meds stuff.  the vegetarian diet definitely compliments all of these ideas and changes.  food for thought.  wish me luck. 

i promise not to become some self-righteous veg head ;-).  i definitely do NOT think this is something everyone i know needs to go and do.  i am happy with my own personal choice and have zero desire to force this crap on anyone else… although i will be blogging about my own experiment.

today at lunch i went to the library(!) and checked out several books about going vegetarian and vegetarian cooking.  i also ordered the books off amazon that i was looking for and i couldn’t find at the library.  as for my conspiracy theory, i find it awfully convenient that the city wide public library system does not carry 98% of the nonfiction books, authored by credible M.D.s, which reveal the facts about slaughterhouses and hold farming out in a negative light – not even the huge ass library downtown which i thought, based on my experiences using that library, carried every book you could ever imagine.  very interesting to me.

on another note…  during my plane ride to vegas, i finished Eat, Pray, Love.  what an incredible book!  i feel like i’m falling in love with books all over again. 

what the hell is going on with me in 2008?  i’m lovin it.

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