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yoga decides

December 31, 2007

yep, i’m going to write more about yoga.  it has officially changed my life (and my feet).  

i have been pondering my new year’s resolutions for the past 6 weeks to no avail.  but this weekend i realized the yoga has decided for me. 

for the brag book, friday i went shopping for jeans b/c everything i own is literally falling off of me (NOT something i have had problems with in the past, lol).  friday i bought jeans 2 sizes smaller than the same brand of jeans i wore into the store.  these are some hot bitches too!  even better, at hot yoga saturday morning, the instructor caught me after class to comment on the changes she’s noticed in my body!  and jr asked me saturday at lunch if my new jeans were the kind of jeans that lift ass… that fucker.  NO!  this ass is 100% genuine, thank you very much.   

now that i’ve been consistently doing yoga and pilates for 2 months, i’ve noticed a number of changes in my eating habits even though i haven’t been dieting.  i’ve also noticed a major decline in my desire to smoke.  yoga is doing good stuff for me physically.  i won’t even begin to go into finding the divine light…

i’m taking into 2008 a true feeling associated with the phrase “my body is a temple.”  i choose to treat it like one.  it’s not sex i need to give up (although careful exercise of discretion is still something i aim to achieve), i’m going to try to make the following changes*:

1)  The Habit is dunzo.  she’s been good to me these past few years but i no longer need her.  not to say i won’t partake on occasion, but the habit is kicked.  adios.

2)  Meat.  it’s time to say goodbye to Red Meat.  i don’t need it.  i don’t feel good after i eat it.  chicken & fish are good, but the Red Meat is over.  adios.  this will make for an interesting chili experiment in a couple of weeks… shhhhh

3)  and now for the hard one, Fried Food.  it’s time to say goodbye to all of you.  for me, this one is like the carbs.  for years i thought changing my carbs was not something i had the will power to do, but for the most part i have mastered it over time and reaped the rewards of doing so.  Fried Foods are now the issue.  i don’t eat them a whole lot, but i really shouldn’t eat them at all.  i don’t need them.  i feel like crap after i eat them.  they aren’t good to my body.  they need to go away.  this choice will eliminate Chips, Fries, Wings, and for the most part any and all Junk Food or Bar Food i would normally go to.  the junk food needs to go.  adios.

*again, i’m not setting any hard or fast rules here.  alice’s advice resounds in my mind as something i need to consider at so many levels.  thank you, alice.  so these are just some general guidelines or goals for going in to my next year.  it’s good to have goals, they will help inspire change.  there are no absolutes here.

as for tonight, it’s brisket and chips and queso, and a whole lot of booze with some really great friends to send out this 2007. 

i need to say it:  fuck you 2007.  fuck you fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU and fuck off!  (i’m starting to feel better, i really need to say it possibly over and over and over some more) 

i will continue to be grateful for all the life lessons i’ve learned this past year, but fuck you for being so brutal.  you will soon be a part of the past, another thing for which i am grateful.  i will remember what you’ve taught me 2007.  thank you and fuck off.

as for 2008, please be delicate with me.   i’m ready.

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